Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Farr's Blog, FarrFeed

Photo by John Farr
One of my favorite blogs is FarrFeed (“Living Planet Mystery Tales”), written by John Farr. I’ve known John since the time we were both living in the flatlands of the Maryland Eastern Shore. John, and his wife Kathy, moved to the very non-flat lands of Taos, New Mexico. There’s quite a story behind this move, and John turned it into a book called Buffalo Lights. John’s usual discussion topics are the stories that unfold inside and outside the windows of his adobe mansion, floating above the desert.
John is an excellent photographer, and you can check out his pictures by going to his “fotofeed.” The photo above is a sample of what you’ll see.


John H. said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!

My only question is, "adobe mansion"? :-) It's a very funky, small, rented piece of old Taos. The best part about it are the adobe floors: that's right, just adobe mud right on top of the ground. The floor is very uneven, amazingly so for those used to "real" houses. It's like living in a cave with windows.

Ed Deasy said...


I'm just thinking of the shot of the living room, from a recent FarrFeed. It was . Now that I take a second look at the image, I can see that the space isn't large... Sure does look cool, with those sculptured walls and the big prairie dog head. Perhaps you've just done Far too well as a photographer of interiors?