Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Black Holes, Event Horizons, and recurring headaches

I’ve taken a few “self portraits” over the years. I put that in quotes because the concept is implicitly squirrelly. Where’s the self? How is it a portrait?
Stand in front of a mirror; look in the iris of your eye. It’s just black. No light escapes. No clues to the mystery. Get your camera; put it on a tripod in front of the mirror. Stand there with it. Take a picture. Now there are two (three, technically) irises. The black holes stare back. Still, no light escapes. But now you have a picture of you and your buddy.
So it’s a black hole, and we “are,” via the magic of the event horizon? Somewhere in all that blackness . . . Yes, nothing does escape.
I suggest this as an exercise worth doing. You’ll end up with an enduring portrait of mystery.

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