Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two Photographic Approaches

I’m basically a ghost which has learned to post to the internet.
So, no surprise, I was haunting my usual route, down through the twisty alleys, underneath the warmly lit windows. Rounding the corner, I came across what appeared to be the “Good Book” in a window. A weed grew, in an unlikely spot, directly below. And, even though the god of art said “never center,” the god of circumstance everlasting, chose the middle path.

This would fall into the photographic category of “found art” or “street photography.” Basically, the photographer comes across something interesting and documents it. I’ve also been interested in arranging elements and then photographing them. When combined with time exposure, it is possible to imply motion in a still photograph, or compress the passage of time to a moment, as in the image below. It was a time exposure of about 2 minutes.

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