Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mary Jane in her living room

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Mary Jane has always been an excellent “guerilla” interior decorator. She knew the location of almost every “antique” (junk?) store in Central Virginia, she also had a talent for finding 40’s and 50’s art deco, and other styles yet unnamed. She had a house in Ivy that she eventually moved from. I documented all the rooms before she packed them away for the move. This is a time exposure of her living room, with some intentional motion to make her image more mysterious. The back lighting is provided by a ceiling light outside the window, with light added selectively with a flashlight.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Camera

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I had worked in this space for some time when the picture was taken. One of my jobs was copying absurdly large originals (drawings, paintings, architectural renderings, etc.), which were hung on a moving glass copy board. So, I’d see myself in the reflections while I was setting up. I began to realize the glass and reflections could make for an interesting self portrait. I had a Kowa Six camera in my hand (a camera using 120 film), but it is invisible due to the reflection of the copy camera’s lens. It ended up not being a self portrait really, but something else; perhaps a picture of “picture-taking?”