Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

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This is the most recent of the Car Series, taken by driving slowly through a shopping center off Route 29 in Charlottesville. In this case the camera is in the image area via the reflection in the mirror, but is too dark to be seen. The passenger seat was reclined and a tripod jury-rigged so that the lens is almost even with the window ledge.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Drive On," a Found Negative from the Car Series

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This is one of the Car Series that I haven’t shown before. I came across it while looking through my piles of negatives. It’s about the same setup (4X5, 90 mm Super Angulon {save viewpoint as a 28mm on a 35mm camera} as in Car – Rain, but the camera was mounted lower and skewed slightly. The Car Rain link also has more general information on the Car Series.
As in others, exposure was dependent on the what lit buildings I passed by. I believe this was taken over the entire length of West Main Street in Charlottesville.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


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This was a time exposure with a 4X5 Graphic duct-taped (with a backup safety strap) to the hood of the car. About 5 minutes of exposure driving around a small well lit city, Charlottesville. People who pulled up next to me looked at me very suspiciously. The film was 4X5 Tri-X sheet film in a typical two sided film holder.

The environment we live in is a bit surreal, but we are utterly used to it. It takes a different way of looking just to see it the way it is.

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