Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waterman's Grave, Avon, North Carolina

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This is in a graveyard on the shore side of the Outer Banks, in Avon, North Carolina. It’s a set of family graves, a short walk from the sound side road, in a grove of live oaks.  This one was for a waterman, although I don’t know the story. This did not appear to have a stone, just this marker. The stones in back have been there for many years.  The boots have been there for about three years, but the cross and pirates flag were the newest addition.
The gum boots are for the work boats, which will have an inch or two of water aboard, cycling with the waves.
This graveyard stretches from the road through three clearings in the dense, sound-side, foliage. Each one might be a family area. A old church is only a short distance down the road, but it has been closed down for many years.