Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Chair in the Woods

“My Reading Chair in the Woods”

For a time I lived with two roommates in a house situated on the edge of a dense woods. It was truly cluttered with smaller, early growth trees, vines and lots of ground growth. I took to reading in the woods and had a few chairs scrounged from a junk store placed in spots on the hill above the house. Other than the chair, there was not a single man-made item in view.
After setting the book down one day, I looked at the chair and book in the mottled sun. It seemed luminous, so I brought back the trusty Speed Graphic and grabbed the image


Forty_Feet_Under said...

That's an awesome picture. And I kind of like the story, as well.

Ed Deasy said...

Forty Feet Under

I've always had a need for some private time. That made living with roommates a bit tricky. This house was perfect, since it was a good distance away from other places, and it had the overgrown woods. Not too useful in winter, though . . .

Leaflet said...

Beautiful blog...

may I borrow this image though??

Ed Deasy said...


for a non-commercial use, like on a blog, it is fine.
It would be nice if you linked to or used this image
just because it has a copyright symbol and the web site address on it.
If you need it larger or smaller, I can make another with the info on the bottom.


Leaflet said...

Thank you ed :)

I linked it..