Saturday, March 17, 2007

Washington D.C. - An Uncomfortable Photo

This is a photograph found in the old album. Unlike the ones that were posted before, this is a photograph from hell. Actually, it says "Washington D.C.' on the bottom of the photo (same thing?). Considering the inventiveness of the photographer in other shots in the album, one wonders if this visual tension is intended. Is she having a chuckle about the typical "person in so-and-so place" photo? The subject is even made so uncomfortable by the composition that she's trying in vain to lean to correct it. The line in the sidewalk seems to be trying to lie about the vanishing point in the distance. She's squinting into the noonish sun with the usual expression that accompanies severe eye strain.

We don't know who this is, never will. If anyone can guestimate the date from the dress and shoes, drop me a note at I also don't recognize the location, although I suspect that might be the top of the Smithsonian building in the background. If so, the spot on the Mall of America could be triangulated.

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