Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Night - Chestertown Maryland -

“Arriving at the Present Moment”

This was many years ago, in one of the many iterations of a certain bar space, in Chestertown, Maryland. I lived there for some time. This is a picture of Ron, at a slow point of the evening. This space was so many different bars over time, I'm not sure what name it was operating under when the photo was taken. Just slightly past the dinosaurs, it was "Emma's Past Time Bar." I once saw the original sign for that in a welder's workshop in a nearby town.

I lived in a second story apartment for a time, and I could see the front of this building by hanging out the window a bit.

I think the reason I like this is the way you identify with Ron's momentary immersion. You can tell he's lost in thought.  We tend to be that way, until we realize that we are. I've been told that describes "arriving in the present moment" by those who practice that very act. Its the waking up.

I have a tee shirt which says "Lost in Thought, Send Search Party" on the front. Friends laugh at this, they know its the truth far too often.

Technical: 35 mm Tri-X, Canon camera and lens, developed normally in D-76

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