Saturday, August 27, 2011

Parking Lots A and B

There is one constant rule for street level architecture in the “modern” world.  “If there is room enough for a door, and a cash register, it’s beautiful.”  That’s what I thought as I looked out the window of the Saigon Café Restaurant at the building in the parking lot, which I eventually, after the garden rolls, took a photo of.  “Parking lots A and B” appears to be the name of the business.  These are places on, or near, Allied Street in Charlottesville. It’s is also a location of the largest (I think) concrete plant in Charlottesville, Allied Concrete.  Saigon Café is in a large concrete structure (mere coincidence) that might have been a motel once upon a time.  Fortunately, after we’ve lived somewhere for a while, the environment slinks into the background and is no longer noticed. After staring at the building I realize it’s actually the back of C’ville Coffee.  I guess I’ve never looked at the backside, or for that matter, the outside, because I drive over in a trance and start noticing my surroundings only after the first latte. C'ville Coffee’s front is a nicely done, “art deco” restoration.   


I’ve had some dreams of parking lots, and, in these dreams, the lots stretch forever, and I’m either lost, or maybe finally home. But, no lawn chairs in sight

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