Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rivanna River History


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After I had written the short piece about trail riding the Rivanna River Trail, I realized I had links to some historical writings about the Rivanna River that are quite interesting.
The first piece is called “Sett over ye River By Chance”. The link will take you to the exact page the article starts. It’s a fascinating story about the early and later history of the Rivanna River.
The second is “The Rivanna Navigation: Almost a Canal System” which talks about the entire history of the River by discussing the changes in transport methods.  In short: first you needed to cross it to get where you were going, then you started to go up and down river with goods and the like.  The latter required some River improvements, especially during periods of slim rainfall. Now we drive over that bridge so fast, you might not even notice passing a river.
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