Saturday, August 15, 2009

Event at the Bridge Progressive Art Initiative

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This is a photograph of a very small garage on North 1st street in Charlottesville. I had just come back from taking a few photos near the McGuffey Art Center, and noticed that this space was hosting an event. I’ve happened across at least one other event here. During one of the few snow storms of last winter I was biking back from Preston Ave. and noticed the garage was open. There were a few people who had finished up hanging a “mobile” of jars with various items in them. They were hung over a map of Charlottesville, indicating the location of the contents of each jar. I guess it was a Mobile Geolocation device : >.

I sat down on the side of the wall on Lee Park with a small group of others. Having missed the first act, the next was a mix of poetry and singing using a tape looping device, although the device was digital. Tape loops thankfully are no longer with us.

It was a well done short piece. I had the camera (the Rapid Omega 6X7 with 58 mm lens) so I dropped it in place on the tripod and took one exposure.

I’ve attended a number of events at the Bridge, and even had my own photo night there last year. The Bridge and its projects (which are many) has been a real boon for Charlottesville, providing show space and lots of entertainment. One particularly interesting event was about producing audio for radio. It was presented along with a few other nights of presentations involving just sound. The best feature of Bridge presentations is the audience interaction, which is really encouraged.

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