Thursday, July 23, 2009

West Main Street - Garage

Almost everyone in Charlottesville refers to the City as composed of different parts. I suppose this is typical of most places, and, in the case of Charlottesville, the parts have changed over the years. When I first moved here the “Corner” (the buildings on University Ave., opposite UVA) was where much of the music venues were, and also where most of the night life happened. The music scene began to bleed into West Main Street, with Trax-Max and the Mine Shaft, and it bled further down the street with Starr Hill. Eventually the Downtown Mall became what it was intended to be many years ago, and now it has the two largest venues in town.
All the time West Main was something in between something. While it was a “part” of Charlottesville, it was more of a connector. If you walk the length, you’ll see it go from upscale near the corner, to empty spaces, and “seen better days” buildings. This is where I photographed some structures. They’ve been empty for a while. As can be the case; the lights on, but nobody’s at home. Case in point, below.

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