Monday, August 17, 2009

High Tension

Click above for a larger image.

This is a night photograph of the bottom of the high-tension tower that’s not nearly far enough from my house on Locust Ave. It s a shame there was nothing in the photo that gives the scale of the tower.

It was a seven minute exposure, lit mostly by the headlights of cars passing. I did use a flashlight to add some light to the first ten feet or so of the column. It’s a bit hard to factor in the effect of headlights on exposure. Luckily, being negative film, there is lots of latitude on the high side of the exposure scale.

The camera was set up right across the road from the tower. The road was well traveled, and, I did have a car stop right in front of the camera, out of curiosity. I'm so used to this happening I have a black “letter size” piece of cardboard in my hand to cover the lens when somebody stops right in front. They want to know what I’m doing, I do my best to explain it, (I’m not even sure myself) and they usually drive away.

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