Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shack One Still Life

Click above for a larger, better, image

I’ve spoken before about photographs taken in a few rentals that I’ve called Shack One and Shack Two. Shack One was located on Route 29 South of Charlottesville. These other Shack Photos include the Marimba, the Chair in the Woods, Gibson J-50 (which is the dense woods around Shack One), and Mary Jane’s Living Room, which would actually be a version 2.2 of Shack Two.

To these I will add the still life above. This was John’s lamp in the living room, and possibly his beer. I came down the stairs and just saw how rich the light was on the flower, and then got the old 4X5 and tripod out.

John was on orderly person while I tended to exude chaos and dark matter uncontrollably. He also had his own style sense which Shack One benefited from. MJ was often the person who dropped off antique store bargains, although I’m not sure where the lamp came from. It’s a classic.

I shot this on the usual Tri-x and I don’t seem to have a record of the exposure, although it was surely shot at the aperture of F-16. That was the sweet spot with that lens.

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