Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Appalachian Trail Marker

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The National Park Service had a photography contest a few years ago. I decided to enter using a black and white image that was taken at night. I thought of the traditional Appalachian Trail “blaze” as a universally understood symbol for the Trail. It is also standardized and the specifications published by the Park System. Here’s a fairly complete explanation; . I figured I could take something like a still life and include some of the characteristic “Flora,” in this case ferns. Carting the Crown Graphic and tripod up to the marker was good exercise, and I made sure to feed some of the mosquitoes on the way through.

There being almost no ambient light, I just opened the shutter and took my time painting light with a small, two cell flashlight with the lens taped down to about a 1/8 inch slit. You can create light coming from various directions. You do need to be careful to keep the light out of the image area.

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