Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Chair Series - Lawn Chair

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The is another image from the Chair Series, this time a lawn chair.
It was summer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not far from Chestertown. This spot was surrounded by miles of feed corn. Feed corn is the main cash crop in the area, and large agri-businesses will buy up farms to maximize the profit.

During the summer it can get dripping hot on the Shore. I lived in numerous houses there, and if they were outside of town they were surrounded by the corn fields. It always seemed like the fields trapped the humidity, and added their own. In the early morning a blue-ish haze would hang over them.

I had to un-stick myself from the plastic chair in order to set up the camera to get this shot.

I forgot to mention the local mosquitoes. Able to carry off small children! Large enough so their distinctive “whine” could be heard from a few feet away.

I attended college there, and lived and worked there, off an on, for some time after. From what I’ve said it might seem like I despised living there, but that was far from the truth. In fact, “me and the shore” went through the whole “nine yards”; luck and its opposite, plus, joy, desire, despair, and many revelations.
Photo: Tri-X, Taken with an old Speed Graphic on 4X5” sheet film.


S said...

Brilliant photo.Utterly.

Ed Deasy said...

thanks s. !