Thursday, February 21, 2008

Folding Steel Office Chair

Photograph – Folding Steel Office Chair

The uncomfortable folding chair, circa mid-80’s, pictured above, is a wonderful symbol for what work can be. It is functional, you can sit in it, but if you did eight hours a day, you’d end up at the doctor’s office.

If work isn’t at least marginally satisfying, you might end up at the psychiatrists.

A major portion of your time on this Earth will be spent at work. This is really something to consider. However, I didn’t. I studied philosophy in college. The job market for abstract thinkers that debate the existence of ashtrays and chairs is surprisingly shallow. Although, forgive me, for Philosophy is actually not only interesting, but strikingly absent in these times.

I stumbled/danced into photography, and then a few other related things. There were some tough times in transition. However, it worked out.

That not-so-inviting chair above is asking you to sit in it, and then you’ll be employed. Or “Careful where you put that ‘Thang’ down, ‘cause it may be there a while. . . “

Many more people worked on weekdays than on weekend days. About 83 percent of employed persons worked on an average weekday, compared with 33 percent on an average weekend day. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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