Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Camera

Click above for a larger image

I had worked in this space for some time when the picture was taken. One of my jobs was copying absurdly large originals (drawings, paintings, architectural renderings, etc.), which were hung on a moving glass copy board. So, I’d see myself in the reflections while I was setting up. I began to realize the glass and reflections could make for an interesting self portrait. I had a Kowa Six camera in my hand (a camera using 120 film), but it is invisible due to the reflection of the copy camera’s lens. It ended up not being a self portrait really, but something else; perhaps a picture of “picture-taking?”


Rosco said...


Sorry to have not been in touch about the 8x10. I've been shooting with it the past week and get my contact prints back on Monday. I would have called you to come along on the shoots, but they've been planned very last-minute and have been kind of rushed. I should be doing a shoot in the next week that you can join or we can just meet sometime and mess around on it.

But, man is it expensive! Stubblefield is charging me $12 just do develop the negative, then $8 for a contact print.

Ed Deasy said...

That's Ok, Ross. There have been a few overdue deadlines at work anyway, so this week has been nutz.

Is that the cost for black and white? Hmm. That certainly increases the pressure when clicking the shutter. Just having someone blink could do in a shot. Can you see well enough on the ground glass at the taking aperture? That can be a problem even on 4X5 at F16 or F22. On some of the night shots I've had to put a flashlight at various points in the image just to check the depth of field.

On the other hand, I'd bet the contact prints are pretty impressive.


Rosco said...

The ground glass is pretty tack sharp, but it's hard to see the whole image in the glass without moving your head around. But I don't know how much the aperture shows up. i'm kind of just shooting at 6.3 and hoping to get some dramatic pictures. You'll have to check it out soon...