Monday, October 22, 2007

House on Locust Avenue - Charlottesville

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Here’s a night photo of a house, the core part of which was built around 1910 on Locust Ave. May souls have passed through here, and I have known a few of them.

Night shots, time exposures; sometimes they seem to reveal something quite different. Things glow and seem to breathe light. Time exposures seem able to warp time, and night lighting makes an ordinary scene into something charged with a mysterious presence.

Years ago this was all rolling hills stretching out along the Rivanna River. Some of it was farmed and the manor house still stands, somewhat hidden in old boxwoods, on the 800 block of Locust Ave.


emory said...
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emory said...

ed- love the locust avenue night shot. we are all just passing through, entrusted with temporary stewardship of these wonderful old houses

Ed Deasy said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The stewardship has had it's ups and downs. The interior walls are plaster, and a previous owner put "other" siding on top of original clapboard siding. So, it tends toward the chilly in winter. But we've adapted. We're all chapped and red faced like artic dwellers. The "basement," or whatever it is, we just don't talk about . . .