Friday, October 5, 2007

The Car Series - Hit It!

Click image above for a larger view

This photo was taken last weekend, and involved fishing around for the best exposure. I had settled for F-16 for the aperture, but had been getting images that were a bit washed out, with not much color saturation. I finally settled on what appeared to be an optimal time exposure, and made some passes at some Charlottesville malls. The Barracks Road Shopping Center has the most diverse lighting, although the speed bumps are annoying.

As ordinary as the act of breathing, driving a car. We can even express emotion to other drivers by subtle and not-so-subtle maneuvers. I drive with the pack, have a guy on my back, want to flip him off, what the blinkin, hit it! That last sentence needs a "woofer." Push that pedal fool.


naj said...

your photos are very cool

Ed Deasy said...

Thanks Naj. I like that one too. I'm getting a 13X19 inch framed so I can put it up at work...