Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waiting for the Human

This photo was taken Saturday in the vendor parking area at the Charlottesville City Market. The dog was snoozing while waiting for its “person” to return from their sales booth at the market.

This shot brings to mind a few thoughts about “domesticity."   A relationship with a pet is unencumbered by some of the complexities that humans can add to relationship.   Thought, roles, misunderstanding;  all terms that we are familiar with. It can get complicated.

I’ve had two cats for more than ten years now.  They are self possesed, aware, and affectionate. We have disagreements, but they recover more quickly than I do. I could and should learn from them, but, being human, I have my limits.

When I had my dislocating shoulder fixed surgically, the cat of that era (we have a cat history here) hung next to me for most of the period I was recovering, even though he was more of an outside than inside cat. After I became mobile again (headed to six months of physical therapy) he went back on bird patrol.

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