Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ivy in the Wall, Charlottesville

This is a parking lot wall not far from the Charlottesville Downtown area. It’s on a path I follow from a parking spot to my favorite coffee brewer. I had noticed the hole in the wall earlier; apparently it had been mistaken as a trash container. All sorts of odd items had been stuffed in it.
Nature, and especially ivy, has a way of making the best of a situation. This is about 5 feet above the ground, and I couldn’t find any evident soil nearby. It’s all concrete or asphalt for as far as you can see.
The downtown area of Charlottesville has history built into the walls of most buildings. The Mudhouse coffee shop, where I generally buy my coffee, has been renovating the interior of their place on the downtown mall. There was layer after layer of wallpaper, newspaper scraps, stenciled messages, as they stripped the wall. I stopped by more often just to see what new layers came up.The renovation is finished now, and they left the cleaned, but unfinished, wall between buildings open to the room. The whole shop interior is now a rearranged space, and the it looks great.


David c.h. Brown said...

Nice shot Ed! It is pretty hard to supress life on this old planet, but there are those who are doing their best to do just that...Thanks, Dave

Ed Deasy said...

Thanks Dave

Hopefully, they won't succeed. Its been pretty hard to stamp us out, although The Neanderthals, and now the Denisovans (a new discovery), apparently didn't make the cut.
And, we did survive the ice age, and evidently adapted to it. Without us, there wouldn't be "public relations" or "talk radio"! Unthinkable.....