Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photograph from Maplewood Cemetary, Charlottesville, Va.

Yesterday I was wandering through Maplewood Cemetery in Charlottesville. It’s one of the oldest, and it has a sense of decay that is entirely appropriate. Nature is doing what it does best, which is to patiently turn everything back into soil.

There are a few “stones” there that are a bit more ambitious. One is an angel (perhaps the model was a girl of 15?). It’s really well done as far as features and gestures are concerned. I noticed that someone had tied onion grass around her hand so it looked like a thin green bracelet. See photo above.
I ended up taking quite a few shots which I'll post here in the next few days.

The City of Charlottesville has had a particularly good web site, and their page on Maplewood Cemetary is a good source of history for Maplewood.


Susan's blog said...

This is a beautiful image, Ed! I love the "dirty" look of the hand holding the flower. Nicely done.

Ed Deasy said...

I guess its mold that has grown there. I should post a shot of the entire statue becasue, although its not a masterpiece, its not a bad rendition of an angel. The statue is well featured with other patches of lichen/mold.