Sunday, March 27, 2011

Graffiti Wall, Coal Tower, Charlottesville

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Spring Snow here. . . Walking down the tracks below C-vlle, I came across this stark shrub against the graffiti on the coal tower. Some pics are best in black and white.

The coal tower could very well be an icon for the Charlottesville Downtown. Some businesses have used the image of it from time to time. It’s a wonderful piece of funk, with a somewhat dark history, not the sort of notion that would encourage using it as a brand. It still exists probably because of the difficulty of removing it. It has occasionally been used as an art piece. There’s about 15 foot tall tower of steel cross members on the top. Someone made a huge dress and hung it there. All dressed up and nowhere to go.


mistycorbin said...

brief and succinct

Body Surfing The Tidal Wave said...

This image is simple and complex and lovely.

Ed Deasy said...

Thanks for your comments !

I took the shot below the Coal Tower, which has a few strange stories linked to it over the years. When I lived on East Jefferson (just a few blocks over from the tower) there was a escapee with a gun that terrorized a few people ( a retired couple in one case, in their home) and then hid in the coal tower a few times. There was a complete search of the tower at one point, but he didn't turn up. Speculation was that he hid in a full bin of feed somehow. Anyway, I always keep an eye out when photographing there. It's a bit "spooky."