Thursday, November 12, 2009

My View at Work

Click picture for larger view

Ah “work.” In many cases, work is where we spend our lives, although “spending” is an odd way to think of it. Time spends itself. I’ve noticed it spends itself at different rates too.

This is my work computer, outfitted with dual lizards, a mystery plastic prism I found in a pile of trash, and my most favorite picture of a famous person. Marilyn Monroe, no makeup, looks friendly. She stares at me, looking a trifle amused. I’m not a fan of the glamour version of her, but this photo shows another side. I need these props to humanize work.

I worked part of the day with a researcher interested in getting a short video about hydraulic concrete edited. He never seemed to notice any of the props, or perhaps he was being polite.

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Susan's blog said...

Ed, I LOVE seeing your work desk ... and your photo of Marilyn. That's one of the best I've ever seen of her. Hope to see you soon.

Ed Deasy said...

hey thanks

Sometimes I have to clear off the iguanas and the mystery pyramid when "important people" are touring the premises, but Marilyn stays put.