Sunday, November 22, 2009

Auction, Crumpton Maryland, and the Bunny

The picture above is from Crumpton Auction, at the time a very interesting large auction held mid-week on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. To my surprise, I found that a local antique dealer in Charlottesville still does send a truck down to the Auction.

There is a lot to see in this photo. The most puzzling element is the large Dali-like painting in the back. I have no idea what the story might have been, but I was not able to find anything documenting this image as one of his. If it had been titled, it would have to have been “Women Contemplating Cruise Ship.” Then there are a few portraits of unknown folks, and lamps galore, including one of the Buddha with a power cord wrapped around it. No bulb socket visible on Buddha, so all of him must have glowed.

Crumpton had it all back then, including farm related items. That included small livestock in one section, such as chickens, rabbits. There were some students from Washington College (how I ended up in Chestertown Md. in the first place) with me, and one decided a rabbit was going to be saved from becoming someone’s dinner. She took the rabbit home, but it became an issue where she shared an apartment, as rabbits tend to smell, unless you are very vigilant with their living quarters. So, a week later the rabbit was released into the wilds of Chestertown, where it might have done fine. The next day there was an unusual 2 foot snow storm. I only mention this as it is sometimes a characteristic of well-meaning, best laid plans.

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