Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Art Police

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Once again, who knows what this is, or why someone took the photo. It is another mystery, even though I committed the crime.

I was challenged by an art critic “on scene,” as a matter of fact. Evidently they are dispatched somehow. This one was cleverly disguised as a “drifter” or something. I had the 4X5 graphic on a tripod in the back of the Foods of All Nations parking lot. That’s the old sports center dome in the background, and the dumpster is there to serve the Market. It was way past closing, so it was just me and the mole from the art police. He asked me what I was taking a picture of. He was slurring a little bit, another clever cover maneuver.

Unfortunately, for me, that’s a button that gets pushed. I can’t figure out what I’m doing either, so I’d rather people don’t bring it up, especially when I’m caught red-handed, doing it. So, I prattled on about the lighting and the dumpster, and some nonsense about unintended architecture. He said, “Oh, Ok.”

He shuffled off slowly, and I saw him head back around “Foods.” That’s the Foods with the fool in the parking lot taking a picture of the dumpster.


Anonymous said...

The art police on youtube is run by steven the coward chandler who is also the red mud painter. He set it up just to tell lies about other artist and galleries. He is a REAL Coward as he will not accuse anyone with his real name and youtube ID but uses many fake IDs and names including. Youtube whitestalkervan33--Boscomargaret33 and others. He harasses women, and old men a real peace of work.He even takes other artist paintings and makes them into perverted animal\human sex pictures he post on his TheArtPolice Bolg on blogger

Ed Deasy said...

Well, the guy that haunted me for that short time was just wondering what-in-the-world I was doing. For that matter, I take pictures of so many odd things I frequently get quizzical looks.