Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunbeam Bread Bill Board

A Sunbeam Bread Billboard - 1978

Back in 1978 I visited Charlottesville Va. for a job interview.  I brought along an old Rolliecord twin lens reflex camera loaded with color film. Color film was a rare experience for me at the time. I could develop my own black and white film, but had to bring the color film to a camera store for development.

                I just came across the negatives from that trip. The interview was at U.V.A. and I wandered around the campus taking a few photos, and then drove out Route 250 West. I came across a billboard advertising Sunbeam Bread and evidently ( it was a while ago, so the negatives are a bit of a surprise to me : ) got out of the car and took a photo of the sign.  The Rolliecord only did really square pictures; twelve 2.25 inch squares on a roll of film.

                Sunbeam was an odd concept in bread. It was spongy. You had to put in the grocery bag last, unless you wanted flat bread.  Good for the hobo life! Use your bread as a pillow, and then have your pillow for breakfast.
                The roll of film was interesting to scan. There’s a strange feel to the colors. Everything was greener back then, even faces.
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