Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gordon's House in the Hollow

To give a little background to this image: A group of people lived near the top of a small mountain south of Charlottesville, Va. To all living there, it was called “the hollow.” I think (?) this was Gordon’s house. Gordon had a cameo in "The Parking Lot Movie “ telling about an incident that happened while he was driving a cab in Charlottesville. I knew most of the people living there, and would visit occasionally. There was at least one yearly party, which was usually a whole day/night with a “recovery” morning tacked on. People would bring food, and it would be cooked barbecue style. An unused field became a parking lot and spots for campers. I tried to find the locale recently, and found that not much was familiar on the road.

Here's is another link to an article on "The Hollow"

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