Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meeting in the Woods

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I was walking the then unpaved Rivanna Trail (year 2003, I would guess) near Free Bridge in my usual walking/pondering posture. That posture would be: looking down at the trail and thinking about the physics of gnat flight or if I left the door unlocked at home. At times I’ve almost run into another walker. I turned a corner in the trail and noticed I’d come upon a makeshift picnic table with some people around it. I snapped their picture. They were giggling but didn’t seem inclined to fill me in, so I resumed my thinking pose and ambled off.
Later I began to think about how great it would be for a child to have a parent that could be so able to support some “make believe time.”

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David c.h. Brown said...

An enjoyable photo Ed. Unfortunately most parents don't take or make the time to do make believe with their kids these days. If they only knew how much it would enhance the present reality. Thanks, Dave

Ed Deasy said...


I agree. You have to start when they're young enough, before their beliefs get programmed by television and internet. Although children have emotional smarts, and they can usually sense when someone is telling the truth or not.