Monday, September 7, 2009

End of the Internet

I got lost behind the failed Landmark Hotel project and came to the dead end of the Internet. Well, the MapQuest part anyway. Does this mean the Google has finally taken over the known universe?

Since the Landmark Hotel is unfinished and failed, the front door is not much better.


David c.h. Brown said...

Hi Ed,
Google? Sure hope not! This scene looks a lot like some of the places here in Windsor, after the collapse of the auto industry in Ontario, CANADA. Things have to brighten up though, don't they..........? Dave

Ed Deasy said...


This was the fiscal collapse of a really large hotel that was being built on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville. The parties involved have gone to court over it.

The City of Charlottesville intends to go on with the construction at some point.

My own workplace has had some initial layoffs, with more to follow.

Sure, greed might have had something to do with it, initially. Past that, blaming doesn't work. There are lots of things we'll never be able to control, especially about ourselves.