Friday, May 29, 2009

Unseen Ventilator - Omni Hotel Charlottesville

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In keeping with my observations of selective vision, I have a photograph of the massive air conditioner that feeds the Omni Hotel. It’s on a street that forks right where the Vinegar Hill Theatre is. It now has the Charlottesville Running Store and a few other offices on it. On the other side of the street is the large air-conditioning unit that feeds air to the fishes checked in for the night. Ok, it’s not an aquarium.

I stood out there with my camera for about an hour and I was almost entirely unnoticed by passerby’s. Pretty much no one looks at the blank wall, loading dock, and gigantic life support machine that fill that side of the street. No one also looks/notices the miles of wire hung from poles, and the huge (surely fatal if they fell on anyone) transformers that hang from poles overhead.

If an American travels to Europe, where overhead wires are buried in many places, he’ll feel something is missing, although it might not occur to him what it is for a while. Then he’ll look up to see unobstructed sky in places, and realize the wires and transformers are missing.

Anyway, here’s the largely invisible Ventilator/Thing. Take a look next time. It’s huge, you can climb up the ladder and see all the way to the ice park.

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