Saturday, April 25, 2009

Charlottesville Mall and the Landmark Hotel

There it is, a tall reminder of the project "in negotiation," due to what usually happens when the bank account goes south for the winter.

While I was setting up to take the picture, I had to explain all this to some curious out-of-towners, assuring them that the building would be finished/used eventually.

In the mean time; perhaps drape it in a sheet and show movies on it? Asheville N.C. does outside free movies in the summer. They’re usually silent flicks with a live pianist providing support. And there are some small orchestral groups that specialize in providing music for “silents.”

Another idea; cover it with a giant rendering of what would be seen if the building was not there at all. With the Mall itself all repaired that “building” is going to begin to stand out.

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