Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stranger Than Science

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What are these people doing. Any guesses?


David c.h. Brown said...

Maybe a full body vibrating or relaxation treatment bench, or something.......Who knows, people were weird then too, right?

Ed Deasy said...


Well, no, but I might as well share the explanation. It was taken by somebody during a engineering job fair at the U.Va. Engineering School. I don't know what the date was, although I can guess the era.
The guy on the right was using a gauge to measure the displacement of the wooden board. From that it would have been easy to compute her weight.
The odd catch to the story I heard from the Historian at work. These two eventually married. Evidently is was a good way to start a conversation : )


David c.h. Brown said...

Thanks for the explanation Ed. They looked pretty happy in this photo. A different twist on using technology to meet someone special!
Thanks, Dave