Sunday, July 6, 2008

Board Walk, The Outer Banks of North Carolina

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This is another photograph in which the image was formed during a time exposure by “painting” light with a flashlight. It was taken on wooden walks constructed as a path through the dunes, in the Outer Banks.

This is the side of the dunes facing away from the ocean, where the growth can get dense.

In this case, the flashlight, taped over with black tape with the exception of the front, was used within the frame to add very directional light to the boards. As long the front of the light is kept pointing away from the lens, and the light is kept moving, its image will not show on the film. I also used it sparingly to keep a darker, shaded look to the image.


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Thanks for the comment.

I do so many experiments sometimes I think I've really gone "round the bend." So I appreciate the encouragement.


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