Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hat in Sand - The Outer Banks, North Carolina

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I’ve been visiting the Outer Banks, and I notice as soon as I start walking down the beach, I end up looking at the sand passing below my feet. I’m not the only one either, as I see other souls floating along with their eyes on the sand.

I’m not shell collector, but it is interesting to see what the sea will come up with. Some of the oddness comes from the shear amount of man-made flotsam available.

This photo is the remnants of a hat mixed in with sand and shrimp skeletons, and some other unidentified items that one would probably not want to know about. It’s sort of an overhead view of a head, except the cranial area is a turbulent mass of detritus. It kind of suggests the way I “think.” I felt some kinship, as though I had recognized myself flattened and washed up in the sand.


Anonymous said...

I think it would look better in black and white... It gives it a more old and lost effect that way, like a forgotten memory?

Ed Deasy said...


I tried it in black and white too. It seemed to make it a bit harder to pick out the hat shape.
The modern conundrum of having shot it both ways is that, then you have to decide.


Ed Deasy said...


You were quite right! Better in black and white.

The talking Ed