Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marcia and Nancy - Chestertown, Md.

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If you take photographs long enough, you end up with a past that is well documented. As you can imagine, this is a mixed blessing. Going through the negatives I have can be like re-living an experience. Memory fades, but a key element can set in motion the recollection of an event. Sometimes I find an image that surprises me, and I can recall several days that normally would have been lost forever.

This is a photo of Marcia and Nancy meeting at Ford and Mer’s farm, after having been out of touch for a while. There’s nothing remarkable about the photo, but it seems to hold a moment of time  in some way I can’t explain. 

Nancy really helped me one particular time. She let me borrow her car to go to a job interview. The newspaper I had worked on had been bought by a mega-corp, and times were grim. I got the new job and spent about three years in the Nations Capital, until I found an exit strategy. It was a change that eventually led to employment in Charlottesville. I stayed in that position until recently. Now I'm looking back somewhat amazed by the path that was followed. 

Without that accidental meeting , my path would have gone in another direction. 

“Snapped” on the spur of the moment, with Kowa Six, a square format 120 camera. Being inside a square box is a great breaker of rectangular habits, although I could not resist cropping this one.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd sure like to see these two again! How much fun would that be?!

Ed Deasy said...

Hallo Anonymous. Yes, that would be fun, especially Nancy, since I haven't seen her since I was knee high to a catipillar. She saved my life by lending me her car one time. Thusly... I was able to find a job in the Nation's Capital, as the Eastern Shore had decided that it was tired of my presence.
Marcia (perhaps you are acquainted with her ?) teaches the teaching of reading in the pit of Jeffersonianism. I sometimes see her and Michael riding to a from the sunset on the pygmy pony.
fare thee well

Dead Easy