Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Really Big Weed

Click on image for a larger view

Really Big Weed

I can’t identify these huge weeds, able to crack concrete and grow in the most inhospitable of places. I come across these in my nightly wanderings. They sometimes grow to an amazing height.

This is a time exposure in an alley adjoining what was a People’s Drug store. The streaks were made by cars passing. The wall was placed there so we would not be troubled by a view.


Lonnie said...

I believe that tree is most likely Paulownia tormentosa. It is a tree introduced from Asia. The adult trees have purple flowers in the spring. They'd be nice if they weren't so aggressive. Unfortunately, they are also really hard to kill. I've treated them with full strength Round-Up and had them come back.

Ed Deasy said...


Thanks for the help identifying the "tree." I had looked through various weed identification sites before putting that post up, with no luck. After looking at the Wikipedia page, I'm certain that you've got a positive identification.
The next post to go up is a house that has one that is almost as tall as the structure.


dhd said...
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