Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Drive On," a Found Negative from the Car Series

Click above for a larger image . . .

This is one of the Car Series that I haven’t shown before. I came across it while looking through my piles of negatives. It’s about the same setup (4X5, 90 mm Super Angulon {save viewpoint as a 28mm on a 35mm camera} as in Car – Rain, but the camera was mounted lower and skewed slightly. The Car Rain link also has more general information on the Car Series.
As in others, exposure was dependent on the what lit buildings I passed by. I believe this was taken over the entire length of West Main Street in Charlottesville.


smashing blouse said...

okay, wait, what is going on in this picture? You, the driver, are on the outside of the vehicle? what?

Ed Deasy said...

Smashing blouse

It only looks that way . . . after parking the car I got out and fired an electronic flash from in front of the car, through the windshield. That accounts for the visor and ceiling of the car being well lit. Light also fell on the inside of the window ledge, which would normally have been dark from my body blocking it.
This fools the eye. If the car door below the window is visible, you brain processes the window image and you percieve it as being on the window glass, or beyond it.
Here's one where the door is blocked; Car Rain